Born in Chicago, Illinois, DeAnn L. Prosia has been creating and selling art works since 1990. She received her education at Northern Illinois University and the Art Institute of Chicago, but her interest in printmaking came later.  Until 2006 her efforts mostly concentrated on etchings. It was not until she was living in Germany (December 2006 – October 2009) when she decided to use her love of drawing and her interest in color to experiment with watercolors. Through a lot of experimentation and the influence of the European art scene she developed a style that is quite opposite of the tightly knit feeling that her etchings offer.  Her 3D ceramic works are also quite loose in feel, but at the same time, very detailed like her etchings.

DeAnn is an avid collector of prints and likes to travel, hike and has been down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and inside one of the great pyramids of Giza, Egypt.
DeAnn is President of The Society of American Graphic Artists and currently lives and works in Morrisown, New Jersey.